Team Canopy CBD

With so many CBD products to choose from how can you be sure of the best quality products?, Canopy strives to be the CBD brand you trust and come back to. We have selectively partnered with only the finest sources available who work ethically as well as productively! We deliver premium, industry-leading products.

What is CBD?

CBD is found in the hemp plant and is not to be confused with THC. CBD is a compound (Cannabidiol) that interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system - a series of receptors that regulate pain, mood, the immune system, memory, stress response, and other important functions. We at Canopy CBD have done everything we can to make sure that our products CBD is extracted from the highest quality and best-sourced hemp.

Does CBD get me high?

While people find relief from stress and physical ailments using CBD, it’s not psychoactive (no psychoactive effects). In other words, it doesn’t get you high. 


As an industry, we're just beginning to discover and enjoy the broad benefits of CBD.


In our products, we use only legal hemp extracts, not high THC cannabis. It is legal in the UK, EU, US and many countries in the world, it contains Zero amounts of THC. As long as any product contains less than 0.2 % THC it is deemed legal to buy and sell under current laws.

Lab Results

We are dedicated to providing the purest CBD products, while quality must be utmost we aim not to compromise the maximum potency level and importantly the best flavor.

E&H Services carried out our analysis for quality and Purity

They specialise in analytical services and in cannabis lab testing for cannabis products, including plant material, extract, oil, CBD rich substances (including pure CBD crystals), food and cosmetics. They perform an analysis of:

  • potency (cannabinoids content)

  • heavy metals content

  • pesticide residues

  • microbiology


E & H Services Inc. 

Is a private and independent technology and research company whose business is the analysis of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) and other hormonally active substances belonging to the group of endocrine disruptors. We commissioned them for our cannabis lab testing.