Meet The Canna Kitchen, the first British restaurant with CBD infusion

On November 1, 2018, England legalized medical marijuana treatments and CBD products derived from hemp. Since then, this new market opened the door to a multitude of business opportunities and many entrepreneurs, without wasting any more time, set out to enjoy the benefits of the green wave.

Two hours from London and a few blocks from the sea, in a small and bustling street in the historic Brighton neighborhood in southern England, The Canna Kitchen opened in December 2018; This is the first restaurant with CBD infusion whose cannabis cuisine is vegan and vegetarian.

According to Sam Evolution, founder and manager of the restaurant, one of Canna Kitchen's goals is to change the way people perceive the plant. Sam and his team focus on healthy and creative dishes that can be infused with cannabis according to the client's wishes.

As for drinks, there are also a variety of infusions. You can order, for example, hemp tea and accompany it with a “Canna Sandwich”: an organic sandwich of tofu or chickpeas and tofu with harissa spice, in a fermented dough made locally with homemade hummus and tahini cream with an infusion of CBD, served with a seasonal salad. The menu also includes lean green vegetables (tempura green beans, hazelnut and hemp dukkah, CBD tahini cream, pomegranate, and parsley) and coconut blinis with dill infused with CBD, cream cheese, cultivated beets, red onion in vinegar and capers crispy).

“Our mission is to change the way people think about the cannabis plant by creating beautiful vegetarian dishes that complement their infusion. Cannabis is a highly nutritious, versatile and powerful herb; It is full of flavor, fragrance and natural therapeutic benefit, ”says Kjaer.

Also, the restaurant with CBD infusion has a section that works as a dispensary, where you can enjoy a CBD joint while having a Moroccan coffee with an infusion or a classic English Earl Gray tea on the terrace with friends. The dispensary offers a wide range of items, from vaporizers to skincare products, pet food and a variety of herbs, all with THC levels below 0.2 percent.

The laws on cannabis use have become increasingly relaxed after high-profile cases have helped change the perception of weed, especially after cases like Billy Caldwell, a 12-year-old boy who suffered from a rare form of epilepsy and who has been granted an emergency license that allows him to be treated with medical marijuana after his cannabis oil from Canada was seized at Heathrow Airport last year, generating a great popular protest.

“The public response to the restaurant with CBD infusion has been very good. People are curious about the plant and we want to provoke a wider conversation around them, inform the public. ” says Evolution

The age range of clients ranges from 4 to 60 years.

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