What are CBD capsules?

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

Due to studies carried out in recent years, we know of the beneficial properties of cannabidiol (CBD), one of the cannabinoids present in cannabis. This has allowed the creation of merchandise aimed toward up our quality of life with necessary medical use, like creams, gels, cosmetics, and capsules. All with fully natural ingredient.

It is no longer unusual to see how large CSC (Cannabis Social Clubs) offer their partners different ointments and balms prepared by themselves, we also see that many GrowShops and online stores also offer products with high concentrations in CBD. The problem is that users are still very uninformed, some ignorance is discrediting the use of these products, especially CBD capsules. For being made with cannabis or simply because they think they are synthetic.

The commercialization of products rich in CBD is not illegal (in many countries), the thing changes when we find levels above 2% in THC, that would be illegal.

In the case of CBD capsules, its elaboration is so simple that any average user could elaborate it, as simple as making QWISO, we introduce the previously frozen vegetable matter in a container with ethyl alcohol or ethanol, we leave it a few minutes, we filter it with help of a coffee filter and the result is a more or less dense oil depending. It is best to add a little water once the alcohol evaporates so that a more liquid solution is left, we use a syringe or capsules to store the oil and leave it in a dark place. It can also be done directly with pollen or other chopped marijuana as if it were dust, however, this option will not be as potent as oil. Clearly if we want an oil with a higher CBD content, we should look for genetics (in many cases, for commercial use) with high percentages in CBD, currently, many seed banks offer very rich in CBD (6-7%) and THC percentages 1% or even lower. We must keep in mind that if we use these genetics we only have the medicinal power and it does not have any psychoactive effect.

It is one of the best ways to consume cannabis medicinally, in the United States CBD capsules are the order of the day, they can be taken by minors with some type of disease because As I mentioned, CBD capsules have no psychoactive power, only medicinal.

There are many people who have chronic pain, skin diseases, osteoarthritis, and arthritis. They themselves had to inform themselves, doctors told them "cannabis can be a good option", but they didn't even know-how. Today, unfortunately, many medical professionals are completely ignorant in this field. That a doctor recommends "smoking a joint" to a patient makes my hair stand on end, there are treatments a thousand times less harmful (if not zero), easily achievable and with more medicinal power than "smoking a joint."

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